The Dallas Business Journal recently wrote an article on Goldenrod Companies on what our future is in North Texas.

Nebraska-based Goldenrod Companies, a real estate development and investment firm formed by former NFL player Zach Wiegert, is looking for continued growth as the firm gets underway with two of the most prominent mixed-use developments in Fort Worth.

As two of the most prominent mixed use developments in Fort Worth get underway, The Mullet and Van Zandt, Goldenrod is looking for continued growth in the area. Brandon Schubert, Head of Acquisitions at Goldenrod said, “We’re not creating anything new that nobody else has ever done. It’s more about finding the right 15 opportunities per fund, where we can maximize the return potential.” When asked about The Mullet being located near the Crescent-Fort Worth and how did that dynamic factor into our decision making, Brandon replied, “We’re very much subscribed to the belief that a risi8ng tide lifts all boats and it’s better for the neighborhood. We’re not trying to build a competing product where we’re both vying for the same tenant. We definitely want to follow in the way that they’ve already started and add a couple quality products to that side of the Cultural District.”

To read more about Goldenrod in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can check out the article below.