Zach’s Childhood

As a young boy, Zach always loved being active and competitive. This developed into an early sports career as he played basketball and football in his hometown of Fremont, NE. He loved being outside and found an interest in fishing in addition to sports. In high school, his love for sports continued as he played football, basketball, and ran track. He went on to play football in college for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as an offensive tackle and was the recipient of the Outland Trophy in 1994.

NFL Football Career

Zach’s love for football turned into a career after college as he spent 12 years in the NFL. Throughout his career he played for the Rams, Jaguars, and Texans. Each team that he played for gave him more perspective for the game and continually developed his competitive and leadership spirit. His NFL career has taught him valuable life skills such as punctuality, how to work well with a team, and the importance of time commitment.

Real Estate Career & Charitable Involvements

Before his NFL career ended, Zach developed a dual interest in real estate. While he was still in the NFL, he began to pursue real estate opportunities and formed a relationship with Woodbury Property Management based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He became an investment partner with Woodbury, which is how he learned the ins and outs of real estate business. When his NFL career ended, he went on to seek commercial real estate projects full-time. He loves the variety of opportunities and challenges that the real estate business brings, and values the partnerships that he forms with other investors.

An important part of business for Zach is the moral and ethical values that each project brings to the community. He has visions for improving communities for the long-term and bringing positive change. As a part of his community focus, he is involved in various charitable organizations that align with his personal moral values.

Family Life

Aside from his career, Zach values his time with his family. He met his wife, Amy, in high school and they went on to develop their relationship in college. They are now raising a son and a daughter together and love to stay active by doing fun activities together as a family. He passes along his favorite childhood activities to his children. He and his family love to stay active, and he spends a lot of time going to sporting events and fishing with them. He maintains the same values in all personal and business aspects of his life.